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Are you looking to transform the appearance of your Surrey, BC property, giving it a fresh and clean look? Look no further than Axion Pressure Washing, your trusted partner for professional pressure washing services. With years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to enhancing the curb appeal and longevity of your property.

Our team of professional exterior cleaners is excited to work with property owners and managers all throughout the area, and we believe that you will be highly satisfied with our dedicated customer service and our superior workmanship skills.

So, no matter if you need pressure washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, or even commercial pressure washing, our company is here to take care of you.

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Why Choose Axion Pressure Washing?

  • Amazing Attention to Detail

Pressure washing is all about the fine details. We take the time to get the job done right the first time around.

  • Transparency In All We Do

We believe in the importance of communication between our company and each customer so that you know exactly what to expect.

  • Years Of Experience

With more than 8 years of industry experience, we know how thoroughly and safely care for all of your home’s surfaces.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction 

We have more than 50 5 star Google reviews, and have worked with hundreds of homeowners and business owners in the Surrey BC area.

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Elisha Kumar
Elisha Kumar
Thiago is very Professional,good quality work,attention to detail,listens to the details of what l wanted to be done…very reliable and helpful,very easy to communicate and also very knowledgeable,takes his time to get the work done. I hired him to clean my whole house exterior including all windows ,front entrance glass canopy ,driveway,sidewalk (paving stones)backyard and back patio (roof and bottom)looks AMAZING .He has all the Professional tools ,very well organize,super friendly,very hardworking person.I saw him doing the work and was very pleased with the results and work ethics. Have already recommended to my friends and families. I am Glad that I hired him,he’s super nice and always does what he says he will do.I will always hire him in future 👍👍👍👍.
Jason 0987
Jason 0987
Just did gutter clean and window clean with Axion. Thiago did a great job! Highly recommended!
Axion Pressure Washing came out to our house to do a roof cleaning and they arrived on time. They were very professional and did a really good job! We didn’t know about roof cleaning (soft wash) before and Thiago was very kind explaining the whole process. Very happy with the results and highly recommend this company.
Alexandre Lima
Alexandre Lima
Highly recommend Axion Pressure Washing for pressure washing, window washing and house washing! They were professional and prompt at every step of the process. Thiago explained everything on the front end and did a fantastic job getting everything cleaned! Afterward, he asked me to walk around the house with him to make sure I was completely satisfied. I would absolutely use their services again in the future.
Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes
Axion did a phenomenal job on my home today. What started out as a roof cleaning job also turned into a window cleaning and gutter cleaning jobs. The team was great and Thiago - the owner is a very nice person! He is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer questions and explain things and more importantly just a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommend this company.
Blake Olafson
Blake Olafson
Great entrepreneur owned small business with great service. Complex roof cleaning job was done very well.
I hired Axion/Thiago to pressure wash my house, driveway, garage & patio roof, fence and sidewalks. He was very thorough and taped up the external electrical outlets and doorbell. He did a walk through before he left to ensure I was satisfied. My house looks brand new again! I highly recommend him and will definitely hire him again.
Dorinha Reynolds
Dorinha Reynolds
Thiago and Adrian cleaned my windows and power washed my driveway and back patio and soft washed the sidings. They did a fenomenal job. They were punctual, professional and had a great attitude. I would highly recommend Axion Pressure washing services! Dorinha
Rafael Domingos
Rafael Domingos
Thiago was wonderful to work with. He did a great job preparing the house and informing me of the process. The entire house, windows, and driveway were cleaned with great attention to detail; it looks brand new!! We are so thrilled with the results. Communication from getting a quote to completing the job was excellent. Very glad we chose Axion Pressure Washing.
Isabela Rodrigues
Isabela Rodrigues
Axion Pressure Washing did an excellent job of power washing and cleaning all the windows of our entire residence. They were both very responsible, friendly and took time to make sure their job was done professionally! I will definitely be using Axion Pressure Washing again in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for their quality of services!!!

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FAQs for Axion Pressure Washing

What's the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

While both use high-pressure water, power washing uses heated water, which is more effective at removing tough stains, grease, and oil. Pressure washing uses cold water.

When is power washing recommended over pressure washing?

Power washing is ideal for removing stubborn stains like oil, grease, and chewing gum. It's often used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be beneficial for residential projects where deep cleaning is required.

Is power washing safe for all surfaces?

Power washing can be effective, but the high temperature and pressure can damage delicate surfaces like wood or certain types of paint. It's essential to hire professionals who can adjust the settings appropriately.

What's the difference between your services and me buying a DIY pressure washer?

As pressure washing becomes more and more mainstream, many homeowners are tempted to rent or buy their own pressure washers and take it into their own hands. There are, however, a few very major upsides to choosing to go the professional route:


  • Training and experience: While knowledgeable homeowners may prepare themselves by reading the user manual and pressure washing articles, watching Youtube tutorials, etc, there's no replacement for professional training and experience. There are many common mistakes that even a cautious amateur cleaner can easily make which can lead to serious cosmetic or structural property damage or even personal harm! Passing the work over to a professional minimizes a lot of risks.
  • High-quality equipment: When tackling really heavy clean-up jobs such as major spills or old stain removal, sometimes your home pressure washer just doesn't have enough force behind it to get the job done. Our commercial-grade pressure washers can tackle even the toughest jobs, ensuring that no staining or mess is left behind.
  • Saves you time: Pressure washing is time-consuming work! No need to spend your days off toiling away over a pressure washer when you've got a professional on hand that'll get it done quickly, leaving you to relax.
What's the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?

Pressure washing is traditionally used for exterior cleaning jobs, such as concrete and hard surface areas. This method uses high pressure (PSI), much higher than the soft washing method. 

Soft washing involves using a biodegradable chemical that removes the biological elements (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces on your property. Another major difference is that soft washing uses low-pressure equipment and nozzles on the end of a pressure washing gun or wand. Soft washing method is mostly used to clean surfaces, such as roof, deck, patio, siding, or fence.

What is house washing?

House washing, also known as soft washing, involves using a low-pressure spray and specially formulated cleaning solutions to safely and thoroughly clean the exterior of your home, including siding, windows, and roofs.

Can house washing damage my home's exterior?

No, when performed by experienced professionals, house washing is safe for your home's exterior. It's a gentle yet effective method for removing dirt and grime without causing damage.

What's the purpose of roof cleaning?

Roof cleaning removes algae, moss, lichen, and other organic growth, prolonging the life of your roof and improving its appearance. It also helps maintain the energy efficiency of your home.

Is roof cleaning safe for my roof?

Yes, when done by professionals. Using the right techniques and equipment, roof cleaning can effectively remove contaminants without causing damage.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Clean gutters ensure proper drainage, preventing water damage to your property's foundation, roof, and walls. Clogged gutters can lead to leaks and structural problems.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

The frequency of gutter cleaning depends on factors like the number of trees around your property. In general, it's recommended to clean gutters at least twice a year, in the spring and fall.

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

Pressure washing offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Enhanced property value
  • Prevention of mold and mildew growth
  • Extended lifespan of surfaces
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Can I rent a pressure washer and do it myself?

While you can rent pressure washers, it's often recommended to hire professionals. They have the expertise to adjust pressure levels, choose the right cleaning solutions, and ensure safe and effective cleaning without causing damage.

Do I need to be home when my property is being pressure washed?

In most cases, you do not need to be present during the pressure washing service. However, it's a good idea to communicate with the service provider about access and any specific instructions you may have.

Can I clean my gutters myself?

While some homeowners choose to clean their gutters themselves, it can be a dangerous and time-consuming task. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service ensures the job is done safely and effectively.

What are the signs that my gutters need cleaning?

Signs that your gutters may need cleaning include water overflowing from the gutters during rainfall, sagging gutters, visible debris, or plant growth in the gutters, and water stains on your home's exterior.

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