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Treat your roof as you would any other part of your property – make sure it stays spotless, safe, and sturdy all year round with the help of Axion Pressure Washing’s excellent roof cleaning services!

We deal with a lot of humidity year-round in the Surrey, BC, and this humid environment is a major enabler of algae growth. While this may not sound very menacing on its own, algae is bad news for your roof. It grows into large streaky patches that trap excess heat from sunlight, making your house work harder to keep itself cool. It also ages asphalt shingles by eating through the limestone components, and it also enables lichen and algae growth, which can lead to trapped moisture, excess weight on your roof, mold growth, and other issues.

While roof cleaning does make your roof look nicer and newer, it’s no vanity service- it’s a crucial part of your Surrey, BC home’s maintenance! When cleaning such a delicate area, though, it always pays to go the professional route- so don’t settle for anything less than the best pressure washing provider! Axion Pressure Washing is committed to delivering the best roof washing services in town with our attention to detail and commitment to safety- not to mention our friendly and efficient attitude!

If you’d like to plan out a roof cleaning today and you’re located in Surrey, BC, give us a call at 778-951-5936. We’d be glad to offer you a free quote and get you started down the road to a better roof! 


When doing roof cleaning, safety is key. Despite being built to withstand storms and other harsh conditions, your roof is a surprisingly fragile area that can be easily damaged by improper cleaning. While traditional pressure washing has many benefits for cleaning harder, more sturdy areas, it has no place on your roof where it can easily shatter roof tiles and shear off shingles!

Safety is first and foremost in our minds, which is why we don’t bother with traditional pressure washing for our roof cleaning jobs. We use soft washing instead! Rather than blasting mess off of your roof with highly pressurized water, we treat your shingles to a gentle detergent-based shower. These detergents will kill algae and other unwanted growth as well as their spores while breaking down any other stains and debris on your roof. Once the detergent has had time to work, we rinse it away to reveal- voila!- a spotless roof! 

Top Rated Roof Cleaning Services In Surrey, BC

Roof cleaning is an essential maintenance task for homeowners and property managers to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of a building. Over time, roofs can accumulate dirt, debris, algae, moss, and other contaminants that can compromise their structural integrity and appearance. Here’s a closer look at the importance of roof cleaning, methods, and key considerations:

Importance of Roof Cleaning:

  1. Preventative Maintenance: Regular roof cleaning helps prevent the growth of moss, algae, and lichen, which can degrade roofing materials and lead to costly repairs.

  2. Prolong Roof Life: A clean roof is less likely to suffer from rot, water damage, or shingle deterioration. This can extend the lifespan of your roofing materials.

  3. Improved Energy Efficiency: A clean roof reflects more sunlight and heat, which can help reduce indoor temperatures and lower cooling costs, especially in hot climates.

  4. Curb Appeal: A clean roof enhances the overall appearance of your home or building, boosting curb appeal and property value.

  5. Health and Safety: Overgrown roofs can hide damage or structural issues, making it essential to regularly inspect and clean your roof to ensure the safety of occupants and prevent potential hazards.

Methods of Roof Cleaning:

  1. Manual Cleaning: This involves using a brush or broom to physically remove debris, moss, and algae from the roof. While it’s less likely to cause damage to the roof, it can be labor-intensive and may not remove all contaminants.

  2. Chemical Cleaning: Chemical cleaners are applied to the roof to kill algae, moss, and lichen. They are left to work for a specific period before being rinsed off. This method is effective but should be used with care to prevent damage to the roof and surrounding vegetation.

  3. Soft Washing: Soft washing is a low-pressure method that combines chemical cleaning with a gentle rinse. It’s an effective and less abrasive way to clean roofs, particularly for delicate roofing materials.

Key Considerations:

  1. Safety: Roof cleaning can be dangerous. We ensure that we have the right safety equipment, such as harnesses and non-slip shoes.

  2. Roof Material: Different roofing materials (e.g., asphalt shingles, metal, tile) require specific cleaning methods to avoid damage. We know the appropriate technique for your roof.

  3. Environmental Impact: Some cleaning methods involve the use of chemicals that may run off into the environment. We take care to choose environmentally friendly products if possible.

  4. Regular Maintenance: Regular inspections and cleaning can prevent the need for costly roof repairs or replacements in the long run.

  5. Professional Help: If you’re unsure about the best method or have a steep or complex roof design, consider hiring a Axion Pressure Washing to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

In summary, roof cleaning is a crucial part of your Surrey, BC property maintenance that helps protect your investment, improve energy efficiency, and enhance the visual appeal of your home or building. Regular cleaning, using appropriate methods, and considering safety are essential for successful roof maintenance.

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Elisha Kumar
Elisha Kumar
Thiago is very Professional,good quality work,attention to detail,listens to the details of what l wanted to be done…very reliable and helpful,very easy to communicate and also very knowledgeable,takes his time to get the work done. I hired him to clean my whole house exterior including all windows ,front entrance glass canopy ,driveway,sidewalk (paving stones)backyard and back patio (roof and bottom)looks AMAZING .He has all the Professional tools ,very well organize,super friendly,very hardworking person.I saw him doing the work and was very pleased with the results and work ethics. Have already recommended to my friends and families. I am Glad that I hired him,he’s super nice and always does what he says he will do.I will always hire him in future 👍👍👍👍.
Jason 0987
Jason 0987
Just did gutter clean and window clean with Axion. Thiago did a great job! Highly recommended!
Axion Pressure Washing came out to our house to do a roof cleaning and they arrived on time. They were very professional and did a really good job! We didn’t know about roof cleaning (soft wash) before and Thiago was very kind explaining the whole process. Very happy with the results and highly recommend this company.
Alexandre Lima
Alexandre Lima
Highly recommend Axion Pressure Washing for pressure washing, window washing and house washing! They were professional and prompt at every step of the process. Thiago explained everything on the front end and did a fantastic job getting everything cleaned! Afterward, he asked me to walk around the house with him to make sure I was completely satisfied. I would absolutely use their services again in the future.
Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes
Axion did a phenomenal job on my home today. What started out as a roof cleaning job also turned into a window cleaning and gutter cleaning jobs. The team was great and Thiago - the owner is a very nice person! He is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer questions and explain things and more importantly just a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommend this company.
Blake Olafson
Blake Olafson
Great entrepreneur owned small business with great service. Complex roof cleaning job was done very well.
I hired Axion/Thiago to pressure wash my house, driveway, garage & patio roof, fence and sidewalks. He was very thorough and taped up the external electrical outlets and doorbell. He did a walk through before he left to ensure I was satisfied. My house looks brand new again! I highly recommend him and will definitely hire him again.
Dorinha Reynolds
Dorinha Reynolds
Thiago and Adrian cleaned my windows and power washed my driveway and back patio and soft washed the sidings. They did a fenomenal job. They were punctual, professional and had a great attitude. I would highly recommend Axion Pressure washing services! Dorinha
Rafael Domingos
Rafael Domingos
Thiago was wonderful to work with. He did a great job preparing the house and informing me of the process. The entire house, windows, and driveway were cleaned with great attention to detail; it looks brand new!! We are so thrilled with the results. Communication from getting a quote to completing the job was excellent. Very glad we chose Axion Pressure Washing.
Isabela Rodrigues
Isabela Rodrigues
Axion Pressure Washing did an excellent job of power washing and cleaning all the windows of our entire residence. They were both very responsible, friendly and took time to make sure their job was done professionally! I will definitely be using Axion Pressure Washing again in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for their quality of services!!!

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